Top 3 Bulk Fresh Greens Suppliers in the United States

bulk fresh greens suppliers

Are you a florist, event planner, or DIY enthusiast in search of high-quality, bulk fresh greens for your floral creations? Look no further! In the vast landscape of floral suppliers, a few stand out for their commitment to providing premium greens in bulk quantities.

Whether you’re crafting elegant bouquets, lush centerpieces, or intricate floral installations, having access to top-notch greens is essential for bringing your vision to life. To help you navigate your options, we’ve curated a list of the three best bulk fresh greens suppliers in the United States.

US Greens Corp:

US Greens Corp has solidified its position as a premier supplier of bulk fresh greens, catering to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike. With a dedication to excellence and sustainability, this trusted company offers an extensive selection of greens sourced from reputable farms across the country. From classic favorites like eucalyptus and ivy to exotic varieties such as ruscus and myrtle, US Greens Corp ensures that every stem meets the highest standards of freshness and quality.

What sets US Greens Corp apart is its seamless ordering process and efficient distribution network. Whether you’re stocking up for a large-scale event or replenishing your inventory for regular orders, their user-friendly website and responsive customer service make it easy to find and purchase the greens you need. With reliable shipping and competitive pricing, US Greens Corp is the go-to choice for florists and designers seeking bulk fresh greens of unparalleled quality.

Blooms by the Box:

Blooms by the Box has emerged as a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and small-scale florists looking to purchase bulk fresh greens at wholesale prices. With a mission to empower creativity and affordability, this innovative supplier offers a wide range of greens in flexible quantities, making it easy to customize your orders to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re planning a backyard wedding or a festive celebration, Blooms by the Box provides an extensive selection of greens to inspire your designs.

What distinguishes Blooms by the Box is its commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience. Their online platform features an array of helpful resources, including step-by-step tutorials and design inspiration, to assist customers in bringing their floral visions to life. With fast shipping and responsive customer support, Blooms by the Box ensures a seamless shopping experience from start to finish, making it a top choice for bulk fresh greens nationwide.


Flowerfarm has earned a reputation for excellence in providing premium bulk fresh greens to florists, event planners, and wholesalers across the United States. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, this forward-thinking supplier partners with local farms to offer a diverse selection of greens grown with care and respect for the environment. From traditional favorites to seasonal specialties, Flowerfarm ensures that every stem is of the highest quality and freshness.

What sets Flowerfarm apart is its commitment to transparency and integrity. Their website features detailed information about each green variety, including origin, growing practices, and care instructions, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. With reliable shipping and exceptional customer service, Flowerfarm is dedicated to ensuring that every customer receives top-notch greens and support throughout their floral journey.

In conclusion,

When it comes to sourcing bulk fresh greens in the United States, these three suppliers stand out for their commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Whether you choose US Greens Corp for its premium selection, Blooms by the Box for its DIY-friendly approach, or Flowerfarm for its sustainable practices, you can trust that you’ll receive top-notch greens to elevate your floral creations. Happy designing!