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In Asia, polyolefin plastomer prices exhibited volatility during the first half of 2023. A decline in demand from the automobile sector and pricing conflicts with Tesla impacted prices negatively in Q1. Rising inventories also contributed to a downward trend in Q2. In Europe, prices fluctuated, with a significant surge in March due to semiconductor demand driven by automobile sales. This upward trend continued until May, followed by a dip in June attributed to reduced new automobile registrations, signaling slowing industrial demand. In North America, economic disturbances from bank failures affected the plastomer market, causing fluctuations in Q1-Q2. Despite an initial rise in Q2 supported by economic recovery, falling demand, excessive supply, and reduced orders led to a decline.

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Polyolefin plastomers (POP) are a type of polymer characterized by their hybrid properties, blending characteristics of both polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). They exhibit excellent flexibility, impact resistance, and sealing capabilities, making them suitable for various applications. POPs have low density, contributing to lightweight products. Their chemical resistance and moisture barrier properties enhance their utility in packaging. Moreover, they offer good processability, enabling efficient manufacturing via injection molding and extrusion. POPs’ unique combination of attributes makes them valuable in industries such as packaging, automotive, consumer goods, and more, where their versatility enhances product performance.

Key Details About the Polyolefin Plastomer Price Trend:

Procurement Resource does an in-depth analysis of the price trend to bring forth the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly information on Polyolefin Plastomer in its latest pricing dashboard. The detailed assessment deeply explores the facts about the product, price change over the weeks, months, and years, key players, industrial uses, and drivers propelling the market and price trends.

Each price record is linked to an easy-to-use graphing device dated back to 2014, which offers a series of functionalities; customization of price currencies and units and downloading of price information as Excel files that can be used offline.

The Polyolefin Plastomer Price chart, including India Polyolefin Plastomer price, USA Polyolefin Plastomer price, pricing database, and analysis can prove valuable for procurement managers, directors, and decision-makers to build up their strongly backed-up strategic insights to attain progress and profitability in the business.

Industrial Uses Impacting the Polyolefin Plastomer Price Trend:

Polyolefin plastomers (POPs) exhibit a broad spectrum of industrial applications owing to their distinctive amalgamation of traits. They are extensively utilized in packaging, including films and containers, where they offer outstanding sealing and barrier characteristics. Within the automotive sector, POPs are favored for interior trim, weather stripping, and seals due to their robustness and adaptability. Furthermore, POPs find application in consumer goods such as toys, sporting equipment, and household items, thanks to their impressive impact resistance. Their utility extends to wire and cable insulation, adhesive formulations, and medical devices, owing to their versatile performance. The properties inherent in POPs render them invaluable across industries necessitating lightweight, flexible, and enduring materials for diverse applications. Additionally, the Polyolefin plastomers Price Trend, Polyolefin plastomers Price Index, and Polyolefin plastomers Prices can be observed through comprehensive analyses including Price Trend, Polyolefin plastomers Price Chart, and Polyolefin plastomers Price Graph.

Key Players:

  • Dow
  • Mitsui Chemical
  • ExxonMobil Chemical
  • SABIC SK Nexlene Company
  • LG Chemical

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